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Accepting the Loss of a Loved One

It can often be difficult to accept the loss of a loved one.

Once you’ve gone through the grieving process, you may be able to reach acceptance, and remember the memories you’ve had. Share them with others, and treasure them as much as you can—whether they make you laugh or cry, the love you have for that person doesn’t end when they leave us, they’ll always remain special to you, and that bond can help strengthen you as you move forward.

‘Life has to end. Love doesn’t.’ – Mitch Albom

It might feel strange to have these emotions, but they’re there to help you process the loss you’re feeling. Grief might strike you suddenly like a wave washing over you, or you may experience feelings of numbness. You might feel a wave of grief at a time where you expect it the least, or something you wouldn’t expect may trigger it. These grief attacks can be overwhelming, frightening and worrying, but they’re a natural response to the loss of a loved one. At this time, reaching out to a support network of family, friends, and mental health professionals can help you to process your emotions and your loss.


‘To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.’

Thomas Campbell